Friday, May 18, 2012

Lock up your scooter with an armored security cable

Locking your scooter up to something solid is pretty important in the Denver Metro Area.  If you don't lock it up, the scooter could be stolen fairly quickly.  As one unsecured scooter owner found out at her Denver home - stolen in 30 seconds.

Armored cables are locking cables with reinforced steel cable.  They come in a variety of lengths and diameter sizes.  They offer a higher level of theft resistance than your typical cable lock.

A few years ago I upgraded to a OnGuard Rotweiller 25mm Armor Coil Cable Lock.  This beefy lock is flexible yet offers real scooter security.  The outer vinyl cover protects my scooter from scratches and the key design prevents lock-picking.  More information at

The lock is heavy and kinda pricey.  A fair trade knowing that the cable isn't going to easily be cut.

If you are in the market for a armored cable, there are a few items to consider.  What length of cable do you need and how are you going to lock it to your scooter.  Six feet is a good number to consider for length.

If the cable is too short, it is hard to lock the scooter to a solid object.  If the cable diameter is too thick, one might not be able to thread in through a wheel to lock the scooter up.

Check out what is available in your local scooter shop and online.  You'll find a armored cable lock that meets your security needs.

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