Thursday, May 3, 2012

Does a scooter need a license plate in Colorado?

I still see car drivers get angry when they see a scooter without license plates.  The local cops used to be the same way until they learned the rules and regulations governing low-power scooters, mopeds, and motorcycle scooters.

Scooters registered in the state of Colorado may or may not be required to have license plates depending upon the engine cc size.

If the scooter has an an "internal combustion engine not exceeding 50 cc or electric power not exceeding 4476 Watts", it does not need a license plate.  It does however need to be registered with the Colorado Dept of Revenue and have the registration sticker attached to it.

Scooters exceeding 50 cc or 4476 Watts must be registered with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles as a motorcycle. A license plate is required on motorcycles in Colorado.

Proof of insurance will need to be provided before any scooter can be registered with either the Dept of Revenue or the Dept of Motor Vehicles.

Local government regulations can not change the Colorado state registration requirements.


Impending Changes to Colorado Scooter Law

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