Sunday, May 20, 2012

Denver Metro Area Scooter Clubs and Groups

There are quite a few scooter clubs and groups in the Denver, Colorado Metro area.  Some are very informal and go out on scooter rides together.  Other scooter clubs emulate motorcycle clubs and go through the full sponsorship method of recruiting new members.

Clubs can be based on engine size, manufacturer, manual or automatic, model of scooter, gender, scooter shop affiliation, or just general outlook on life.  You'll need to shop around to find the right scooter club for you.  Scooter clubs that routinely go on mountain rides may exclude low-power scooters.

A few Denver area scooter clubs in no particular order include:

Sacrab Scooter Squad - Denver Chapter - Requires sponsorship to join.  Welcomes anyone " regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, or the type of scooter you own."   They frequently go out on rides together.  Some rides require an engine greater than 49cc.  Website

Bottle Rocket Scooter Club - All about maintenance and restoration of metal bodied classic scooters.  Website

Misfit Toys Scooter Club - Scooter club affiliated with Sportique Scooter Shop.  All makes, models, engine sizes, are welcome.  Website!__main-page

Secret Servix Scooter Club - A women's scooter club for those who ride classic scooter models.  Founded in 1995.  Website

Sqream Scooter Club - Denver's Gay & Lesbian scooter club.  Friends are welcome in club activities.  Open to all makes, models, engine size scooter riders.  Website

Jedi Knights Scooter Club - Denver Chapter  - Into classic metal scooters and light sabers. Website

Denver City Denver - Organizers of Colorado's largest scooter rally - Mile High Mayhem.  All makes, models, and engine sizes are welcome.  Mountain rides will have a engine size limit.  Website

No matter what scooter make, model, or engine size, there's a scooter club in the Denver Metro Area for you.  Try a few out at some of their major rallies to get a feel for the club.  Scooterists are a pretty laid-back open minded lot.  Sit back and observe before making any blanket statements.

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