Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't buy a scooter without a legal title

While it may seem like a great deal at the time, don't even consider buying a scooter in Colorado without a legal title that can be signed over to the buyer.  Get a legal Bill of Sale at the same time too.  Without these legal documents, you may never be able to register your scooter.

In the state of Colorado, there are specific responsibilities put on the Buyers and Sellers of motor vehicles during the purchasing process.  The seller must provide a Colorado Certificate of Title and a Bill of Sale.  The buyer needs to check the Motor Vehicle Verification System and the National Insurance Crime Bureau to make sure the vehicle isn't stolen.

If you want to read some horror stories of what people have gone through after buying a scooter that 'was a great deal', read the Topix Scooter Forum discussion 'no title for scooter'.  They cover a wide spectrum of what can happen without the proper title.

Titles to scooters are not issued by scooter dealers.  They only fill out the paperwork that is given to the Colorado DMV or the Colorado Dept of Revenue .  New scooter dealerships should have the certificate of origin that states the year of manufacture, engine cc size, model, etc.  Used scooter dealerships should have the title to the scooter.

If the legal title to the scooter is lost, the seller or legal owner will need to file a Duplicate Title and Receipt form at the county motor vehicle office.  The process can take months.  The form and more information can be found at

When registering a scooter at the Colorado DMV you'll need to bring a slew of legal documents including proof of insurance and a verifiable ID.  Everything you will need is listed on this DMV page

If you are asking yourself if you need to register your scooter in Colorado, the answer is always - yes.  People really do register their low-power scooters and 50cc+ scooters in the state of Colorado.  The fines for riding an unregistered scooter without insurance can be quite steep.

From the Colorado Dept of Revenue website "Low-Power Scooters shall not be registered on or after July 1, 2010 without proof of complying motor vehicle insurance policy and payment of the Motorist Insurance Identification Fee.  Non-compliance is a misdemeanor traffic offense with a minimum penalty for such offense is a $500.00 fine and that the maximum penalty for such offense is one year's imprisonment and a $1,000.00 fine.".

If you have any questions about getting a title, call your county DMV office.  Bottom line when buying a scooter - don't do it unless the seller can provide a clear legal title and a notorized Bill of Sale.

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