Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can you ride double on a scooter in colorado

Kind of a strange question I came across.  Can you legally ride double up on a scooter in Colorado?

That really depends upon your scooter and your driver's license.

If your scooter is built for two people, knock yourself out.  The more the merrier on a scooter ride.  Be aware of the scooters handling characteristics for riding two-up.

Those who are 18 and under may be restricted from having two people on a scooter in Colorado.   Colorado does not allow those under a certain age from having passengers who are under a certain age.  I think it's probably okay for mom or dad to tag along.

Engine size could also determine the feasibility of riding with two people on a scooter in Colorado.  Big hills and altitude really suck the power out of small engine scooters.  Mountain rides could really be a challenge.

Try two people out on your scooter on a flat deserted road to test things out.  If it doesn't work, have your friend buy their own scooter.

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