Sunday, April 1, 2012

Check your scooter tire pressure regularly

I'm just as guilty as anyone for not regularly monitoring the tire pressure in my scooter tires.  There's a price to be paid for doing that - an expensive one at that.

Scooters run optimally with the proper tire pressure,  They get better gas mileage, have better handling, accelerate better, and give a more comfortable ride.

There's another expensive cost for not maintaining the pressure in your scooter tires.  The tread will prematurely wear on your scooters tires.

Have you priced tires and labor on scooter repair?  It isn't cheap.  It'll probably run you around $150.00 or more to get a new tire mounted on your scooter.  That's just one wheel too.

By regularly checking the tire pressure in your tires you can prevent this expensive mistake.  Check your pressure weekly in summer and winter.  Cold outdoor temperatures cause tires to lose air.  This happens on your car too.

Don't ruin a perfectly good tire by not regularly maintaining them.  Sportique Scooters in Denver, CO really hates to sell new tires to scooterists for this reason.

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