Friday, March 30, 2012

Is insurance required for scooters under 50cc in Colorado?

Since the Colorado 50cc scooter insurance law changed a few years ago this question comes up - alot.

YES! And double YES!!!!!!!  All motorscooters that plan on traveling on public streets now need liability insurance in the state of Colorado.  That includes low-power scooters aka mopeds, 49 cc scooters, 50 cc scooters, electric scooters, etc.

You'll need to bring proof of insurance when you register your scooter in Colorado.  That means registering your low-power scooter with the Dept of Revenue or registering your 'motorcycle scooter' with the Dept of Motor Vehicles.

Scooter insurance can be purchased online or through a bricks and mortar store.  Call your insurance agent who handles your homeowners insurance or renters insurance.  Don't expect to get a multi-line insurance discount or summer use only discount on the policy.

Scooter liability insurance does not provide coverage for theft.  You'll have to pay extra for that.  It's worth the cost if scooter thieves are present in your area.  Invest in an armored cable while you are at it.  Maybe even a scooter alarm or LoJack.

So go out and buy that scooter liability insurance now.  If you are in a wreck and don't have it - expect some traffic tickets and an empty wallet.  The minimum fine is $500.00.

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