Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Can I get a ticket for expired registration for a low power scooter in Colorado?

We are all busy with life and forget about things. One thing you should shouldn't forget about is renewing your low power scooter registration in Colorado.

Can you get a traffic ticket for not renewing your low power scooter registration? Five years ago I doubt the cops would have cared. Scooters were still under the radar then.

Today, I'd say it depends upon the cop, what you were doing when the cop stopped you, and what your attitude is when you talk to the cop.

Have an attitude and caught doing something stupid like running a red light - you'll probably get a ticket.

Admit stupidity and apologize for forgetting - the cop will probably write you a warning ticket. It's spring and people are just now getting their scooters out of the garage from winter storage. Take the warning ticket and go get your registration renewed.

Registration costs $5.85 and is good for 3 years.  So finances are hardly a valid excuse for this paltry fee.  Stand on a corner with a good begging sign in Denver and you'll make that in an hour.

Colorado Low Power Scooter Registration forms can found at

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