Sunday, April 15, 2012

When did you last change your belt and rollers on your scooter?

So when was the last time you checked your belt and rollers?  If you're not mechanically inclined the answer is probably never.

Check your scooters owners manual for recommended belt mileage change and then look at your odometer.  If you've had your scooter a few years and have ridden it daily - it's probably time to get it changed.  If you have a mainland chinese scooter with those substandard belts, it's prolly time for a change too.

There may or may not be signs that your belt needs changing.  If it doesn't accelerate like it used to, that could be a sign.  The definitive sign is that if you twist your gas handle, the scooter runs, but the scooter doesn't move.  Most likely you have a busted belt.  If that happens at 70 mph, not good.

When you change your belt, it's also time to change your rollers.  What are rollers?  The ultra simple answer - they are these weights that roll out when your accelerates.

All automatic twist and go type scooters have rollers.  They do wear out.  The scooter dealership isn't trying to sell you extra parts or rip you off.  They are looking out for you and trying to save you some money.  It's cheaper in labor to go ahead and replace those rollers ($13) while they have things torn apart.

You'll love your scooter much more if it gives a smooth dependable ride and is reliable.   Go take care of that belt and the rollers.

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