Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beware of Idiots and their Craigslist Scooter Advertisements

The clueless bozo's are advertising their scooters on Craigslist in Colorado again.

The current crop includes:  - this ding dong says "Registration, license or insurance is not required."   That's false advertising lady.   All three are required by Colorado state law.  - says "no motorcycle license required".  Yeah cause there's no such thing as a motorcycle license.  It does require a drivers license.  No motorcycle endorsement is required.

If you are in the market for a scooter in Colorado, know your scooter rules and regulations.  The people listed above obviously don't. 

If you are buying a 49cc or 50cc scooter or moped in the state of Colorado, you will need a driver's license, register it with the Colorado Department of Revenue, and have liability insurance.

Need more information?

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