Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Does one need a motorcycle license to ride a 50 cc scooter in Colorado?

This question comes up alot.  Mainly from potential or novice riders.

First off - there is no such thing as a motorcycle license in the state of Colorado.  There are drivers licenses and motorcycle endorsements that go onto the drivers license.

A 50cc scooter, 49 cc scooter, mopeds, and electric scooters are considered low power scooters in the state of Colorado.  One needs a drivers license to operate a low power scooter on public streets and roadways in Colorado.

One needs a motorcycle endorsement on that drivers license if the scooter has over 50cc.  Not a motorcycle license.

Information on how to get a motorcycle endorsement for your Colorado Drivers License can be found at http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue-MV/RMV/1190796317325

All scooters in Colorado are required to have liability insurance no matter the engine cc.

Scooters are magnets to underage kids and teenagers.  Tell them they'll have to wait until they have a drivers license to operate one.

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