Friday, April 15, 2011

Sportique Scooters now repairs mainland chinese scooters

With scooters, one either pays for a quality scooter upfront or pays for repair on the back end with a cheap mainland chinese scooter.

Those with cheap chinese scooters have three options. Repair it yourself, pay someone to repair it, or sell it to some unsuspecting soul.

Quality scooter repair isn't cheap and neither are the scooter parts. The lost time in using the scooter defeats the whole purpose of using a scooter to save money on commuting expenses.

Despite the poor construction and metal quality of mainland chinese scooters, Sportique Scooters is now repairing them in the Denver area. They do still reserve the right to limit which chinese scooters they will repair. The parts on some of these scooters just fall apart when trying to repair them.

If your mainland chinese scooter needs repairing, and I'm sure it will, see if Sportique Scooters can work it into their repair shop schedule. They've performed quality maintenance on my Vespa for years.

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